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We know that organizing a birthday party for your children is time-consuming. And stressful. And exhausting. And sometimes even boring! It does not need to be!


Let our dedicated team of entertainers, musicians, face painters and magicians (ssshhh!) help you throw a party your child will remember when he or she grows up!


We are open to all your amazing ideas (just no live snakes please!), come and tell us what you need and we will make it happen.


Choose to build your unique experience.


Prices start at £25 per child, adults “party” free of charge.




How We Do It



We work with the best children's party providers out there, to ensure your child can have the party of their dreams.  Using versatile actors, objects and age appropriate music or modern nursery rhymes, our parties encourage children to be active and have fun at the same time.  We can get everyone involved, excited and happy.



Our parties are suitable for children aged 1-10 years and are tailored to your child's age and needs.



Rely on highly experienced and professional providers to know what's required to make your party a stimulating and memorable day.




Your First Birthday!



Expect an interactive sensory extravaganza using  props and modern nursery rhymes.  Babies have fun engaging with the party entertainers whilst singing and dancing with their guardians.




2 - 3 Year Old



Children of this age are gaining in energy! Our parties are stimulating and engaging.  Our fully trained professional party entertainers will dance, sing and interact with the children using soft toys, music, modern nursery rhymes and activities to keep them active.




4 Year Old



Less objects and more activities for this age group!  Confident and able to follow instruction. We recommend a two hour session for a party aimed at this age group.  The first hour consists of parachute games, music, dancing and fun activities, then it’s time for a lunch/tea break.   After the happy birthday celebrations, part two begins.  Our entertainers encourage the children to sing into the microphone, participate in some party games and action songs.




5 Year Old



A dynamic, action-packed party full of fun!  We can link our activities and songs to a chosen theme. Why not hire a princess or chosen characters to meet and greet your guests?  Party dances, games and much more.




6 - 7 Year Old



No more Nursery Rhymes! At this age the children tell us what they prefer.


We offer a fun mix of games, party dances and karaoke.




Themed Parties



Our portfolio consists of Superheroes, Pirates, Princesses, Science,  Classic Disco & UV Glow Disco


Let us know what you are looking for!




Love the Cake



We use a brilliant artisan cake company that can make the cake of your child’s dreams.   The cakes are not only beautifully designed – there are many options with more than 20 delightful fillings to choose from.




Children's Food



We offer kids boxes filled with various bite-size savoury and sweet snacks.


The boxes are beautifully presented and come in three sizes: toddlers, medium and large.



For drinks, we offer a selection of organic juices, smoothies, and flavoured/still/sparkling water.



Catering for the Adults



Want to take care of the grown-ups?  Well, when you book a party with us, we provide complimentary hot drinks for the parents!  Want to ensure they don’t stay hungry too?  We can order a wide variety of refreshments, to include: sandwiches and party canapés with various fillings and toppings, mini pies with meat or vegetarian fillings, pancake rolls with smoked salmon or liver pate, fabulous quiches, rich salads and grilled vegetables, and more.




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