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The Rainbow Food Club


Run in conjunction with iknowwhyitsyummum who passionately believes that teaching children about the nutritional value of different fruit and vegetables in an interactive, memorable way, improves their understanding of how food choices they make affect their bodies and minds.



The rainbow food club is a lively, participative musical production, followed by workshops that are appropriately tailored to the age of the children.  It’s all about conveying healthy eating in a fun way!



Music Adventure Club with Oksana


Oksana a classical trained soprano transfers her musical knowledge, using vocal skills to engage your child's harmonious spirit and make them aware of musical genres.



Fun, Fitness and Music with Amanda from Action Club®


Amanda from Action Amanda has pioneered dynamic, interactive pre-school classes and parties since 1992.  Using versatile props, and modern nursery rhymes,  Fun, Fitness and Music is so much more than music and movement, it’s a sensory extravaganza promoting the importance of being active and healthy from an early age.



Fabulous Felting


A soft and furry approach to keep you children entertained!  They can learn to craft a selection of soft and cuddly felt pets in this hour long session. The course promotes creativity, learning and use of materials, whilst developing your children's dexterity and hand eye co-ordination.



Active Storytelling


Supplement your reading schedule with our team of active storytellers! A story and a performance to actively engage your little ones!



Confidence Club from Captain Fantastic


Captain Fantastic is an award winning children’s entertainment company. They are experienced dealing with babies, tots and toddlers groups.  The class is an interactive experience where your children learn practical skills to build their confidence around events and understand how to behave in these role play situations.



Arts & Crafts Club with Renata


Our members enjoy a mix of interactive creative exercises with seasonal artwork projects and events syllabus.  Renata's classes are  insightful and delve into the intriguing world of famous artists and  styles.  Renata will ensure your little people gain the interest in small objects, sensory refinement and enjoy social learning in these influential classes.



Creative Writing Club With Polly


Let your child explore their creativity with writing exercises to drive their imagination  and document their memories.  Polly will build on your child's confidence helping them learn to read and write in a enchanting and captivating course.



Science Club from the Little House of Science


At the Orange Lion the Little House of Science offers project based weekend maths and science workshops for children ranging from two to eleven years of age as well as experiential sessions for babies and toddlers from 6 months.


The Little House of Science differs because they take their science seriously, whilst making the classes fun. Our little scientists get hands-on learning sophisticated maths and science, instead of just watching us make things go ‘pop’ and ‘bang’.


Little House of Science has set up an annual Young Scientist Award together with the Institute of Physics, run the kids section at the annual Royal Society Summer Exhibition and work together with the Science Museum in London hosting joint guided tours.

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